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Bowden Tech Solutions

I am Terry Bowden, Founder and President, Bowden Tech Solutions.

Bowden Tech Solutions was founded in 2010 . The early years of Bowden Tech Solutions, I provided computer repair services as a side business until 2018.   In 2019, I am modifying the business model to Cybersecurity and Managed Services.  I am relaunching Bowden Tech Solutions as a full time passion.

My education:  MBA from Kennesaw State University Executive MBA program and a Finance degree from Georgia State University. 

 I have over 20 years experience with computers and technology.  Which include years of training in various operating systems and hardware configurations.  

I was previously employed by AT&T Mobility for 17 years.  My experience leading cross functional teams which were globally diverse to launch complex technical projects provided me with an extensive in depth knowledge of networks and how they work in the eco system of large corporations. My role was to lead the development efforts for New products or product enhancements. This included working closely with the Scrum master for the IT and Network elements plus leading the testing and troubleshooting for all projects I was responsible for launching.

My role as a member of the IT Production Support team was leading the Disaster Recovery Planning as well as plan execution should we have an extensive outage. 

I was also responsible for the management of firewalls for certain applications between the corporate office and call centers throughout the United States.  

Bowden Tech Solutions  has  the  knowledge and expertise to assist you in creating a plan for all of your Cybersecurity, Disaster Recovery and  Managed Service needs. Our team also has the knowledge and resources to work with you on managing special projects of all sizes.

Career Highlights:  17 years with AT&T Mobility.  

5 years in IT Production Support

7 years in Marketing Product Development leading cross functional teams to launch complex technical projects. (Globally diverse teams)

5 years in Sales and Marketing Product Management.

CompUSA:  4 years

Retail Sales Manager

Technical Services Manager

Hardware Manager

A+ Certification

Best Buy: 4 years

Retail Sales Manager

Computer Dept. Supervisor

Computer Sales

Mission statement – Our commitment to our customers is to assist them in achieving their goals by providing quality products and services.  We strive to build relationships with our customers  based on our values of commitment, Integrity and respect.

Bowden Tech Solutions will be donating $.10 for every $1.00 earned to combat homelessness and hunger in the United States of America.

Philippians 4:13  I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.